Networking and Wi-fi

We design and build your Network infrastructures for your business

Great business applications means little if the underlying networking infrastructure is unstable.

Our networking professionals can not only troubleshoot existing issues with performance and stability, but also design networks and network infrastructures that can handle your business needs today and into the future.


Your network infrastructure must be stable. When we engage with new customers, the most common issue is that their networks are overly complex. We seek to simplify the infrastructure and recommend robust products to improve performance.


Wireless networking is increasingly more critical for organizations. With a patent expectation of functional Wi-Fi and more devices per user than ever, a reliable network is paramount.

We have teamed up with Ruckus Wireless as a best of breed wireless networking equipment provider to create the most reliable, manageable and affordable Wi-Fi solutions.

Our clients have come to enjoy up to 40 percent less AP density while achieving superior coverage after switching from other wireless vendor solutions.

We offer the service of having experienced engineers consult on designing an optimal network for your organization to ensure you get the ideal solution for you. Our engineers will survey your space, assess your needs and challenges, and then make recommendations for the most appropriate technology and design.

And if your network architecture happens to go down, our engineers are there to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

We are there to help you as quickly as possible, because with your organization’s network, it simply has to work.

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