IT Training

Having technologies does little good if individuals do not have the proper skills and training to use them effectively.

We have several options for IT training that can meet any organization’s needs. Because of our commitment to training in all its forms, we insist our engineers are not only proficient technically but are also excellent trainers.

Many of our engineers also hold training certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Trainer certification.

Knowledge Transfer

While not a traditionally considered training, we understand that knowledge transfer needs to be an integral component of all our consulting engagements.

Our engineers understand that proper cross-training of an organizations technical personnel is key to a successful project. We are happy to work with your staff during the project to fully explain what is being implemented and how that implementation is taking place.

We will also spend time at the end of each project making sure that  the required cross-training is completed to everyone’s satisfaction. We do not withhold information – we understand that spending the time making everyone familiar with the pieces of a project is absolutely essential to a successful project and a successful long term relationship with you.

End User Training

In addition to knowledge transfer, we also offer a wide array of end-user training classes. Many of these classes are short enough that we can offer them to your staff in a timeframe that it will not be inconvenient.

For example, our Outlook 2013 class is formatted so that it can be delivered in 3 days for 2 hours each day. This class could be offered over lunch or early in the morning either at your facility or in our training center.

Furthermore, all of our end-user training classes can be customized quickly for your specific environment and needs. Following are some examples of our end-user training classes.

  • Outlook 2013 Beginner
  • Outlook 2013 Intermediate
  • Outlook 2016 Beginner
  • Outlook 2016 Intermediate
  • Windows 8 First Look
  • Windows 8 Advanced Features for the Workplace
  • Windows 10 First Look
  • Windows 10 Advanced Features for the Workplace
  • Office 365 Introduction
  • Office 365 Administration
  • Skype for Business Introduction
  • Skype for Business Administration

Advanced Technical Classroom Training

We also offer more traditional, classroom-based training intended for IT Professionals. These include but are not limited to Microsoft Server products such as Windows Server 2016 and Exchange 2016.

Need to sign up for training? Give us a call at +679 9246911 or email us.