Data Storage Solutions

Data storage solutions should do three things very well: store data, protect data, and move data. We make storage an integral part of our practice.

Data storage solutions are fundamental to everything we do in IT and companies are continually faced with storage decisions.

Storage purchases are typically the most costly purchase on any IT budget. We believe in helping customers have the best options and choices when making storage decisions.

It does not makes sense to spend $50,000 – $100,000 or more with one storage vendor, just to be locked in, and have that vendor dictate what your next storage decisions will be. You should be able to choose each time your storage needs a change.


We work with storage vendors that allow choice and flexibility. This combination allows our customers to make just-in-time intelligent storage decisions.

By allowing our customers to choose the exact solution that works for each storage challenge, there is no waste or having to buy more that you need up front. We often recommend X-IO storage hardware because of its high quality and resistance to failure caused by vibration, heat or tampering.

Storage Area Networks are made up of both software and hardware and we believe these two components should not come from one vendor. Let the hardware vendor focus on making the best hardware and while the software vendor focuses on making the best software. The reason is simple: flexibility for you!

When you buy the software separate from the hardware, then you own the software independently. Software is the real intelligence of a Storage Area Network. If and when you want to change the underlying storage hardware, you can still manage it using the same storage software. This makes storage management consistent, stable, and flexible.

DataCore’s SAN symphony-V is that software.

Storage Virtualization brings all the same benefits of Server Virtualization to storage, including choice, utilization, flexibility, and consolidation.